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Leaders & Entrepreneurs Participated the Second Conference of the 6th Session of Standing Committee of

Concrete and Cement Products Association at Hubei Province Visited Hicorp

Leaders and entrepreneurs participated the second conference of the 6th session of Standing Committee of Concrete and Cement Products Association at Hubei province visited Hicorp in the morning on 6th July, and our General Manager Mr. Liu accompanied.
At the gate of No.1 Installation Workshop, the recipient explained our basic situation to the guests, and mainly introduced the R&D and manufacturing of our mould , PC carrousel, Special-shaped mould carrousel, as well as shield segment mould carrousel.
All the representatives visited installation workshop, machining workshop, pc workshop , mould and carrousel workshop and small-sized special shaped mould exhibition zone. During visiting, the General Manger Mr. Liu explained the highlights of our products, cultural construction in details, illustrated the main products such as segment mould, culvert box mould , PC carrousel, special-shaped mould carrousel and segment mould carrousel.
At the exhibition zone of small-sized moulds at No.2 mould manufacturing workshop, all the representatives watched our products, understood our R& D concepts, production process, product performance, market expansion and prospects, and many advantages such as cost-saving, short lead time, durable and good after-sales service. They also understood our segment mould and special-shaped mould carrousel, and showed great interest in our carrousels .
During visiting, all the participated experts, leaders and Industry colleagues highly appraised our technology innovation, site management, informationization, as well as cultural construction, and also greatly recognized the our abilities to research and development moulds .
Through the visiting, the leaders and entrepreneurs had a fully understanding on R&D, capacity and quality. It has greatly enhanced our reputation and influence, and has an important role and far-reaching impact on our fame and brand building. It has a great significance to promote the manufacturing technology and management level of the mould and carrousel to a higher level. It marks the mould and all kinds of cement products has entered a higher stage of development.

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