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             Hicorp Textile Machinery Company Attended the 18th session of ITMA at Barcelona, Spain

The18th session of Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition (ITMA) was held at Barcelona, Spain from 20 to 26 June, 2019. Held every four years, known as the “Olympic” of the global textile industry, the ITMA was the latest technology platform to show the cutting-edge textile and clothing machinery. With the theme of “Textile Innovations at New Century”, there were more than 1700 manufactures from 45 countries and regions attended the exhibition. Hicorp Textile Machinery Company attended the exhibition with its latest series of HCP 2025 Intelligent Roving Machine and fully automatic Packaging System for Finished Woven Bags.
During the exhibition, Gao Yong, Secretary-General and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Textile Industry Federation, and Wang Shutian, Honorary President of China Textile Machinery Association, Gu Ping, President of China Textile Industry Federation, and Sun Xu, General Manager of Hicorp Group, visited to our booth for guidance.

The two exhibited equipments had adopted the advanced technology and applied international patents in many countries. HCP 2025 Intelligent Roving Frame was surpassed the traditional structure of roving frame, broke the bottle neck of the original structure, multiplied the original maximum numbers of spindles (216 spindles), and made the operation more intelligent . With 432 spindles, HCP 2025 Intelligent Roving Frame was suitable for various spinning. Among these, the patented waste recycling system could recycled various kinds, improved the recycling rate of waste. It was adopted fully electronic drafting without technical gears. The professional database system made spinning more easier, and could spin two completely different varieties at the same time with the characteristics of more flexible , less space, labor-saving and efficient improvement.
The automatic Packaging System for Finished Woven Bags had realized automatic packaging woven bags without manned operation. It had the functions of It has the functions of automatic inspection ,packing and tightening of the bags, effectively solved the problems of automatic packaging with reliable suture of bag and compact filling of yarn. It could realize automatic loading, opening, supporting, finishing ,suturing, and delivery.
As the largest international textile technology exhibition , it was focused on AI, sustainable development , innovative solutions and “Industry 4.0”. During the 7 days exhibition, our two products had attracted customers from all over the world, and orders signed during the exhibition exceeded our expectations.
Our machinery was competed with the world-class products on the international stage, showing the strength of Chinese manufacturing. With the strong support of the company and the joint efforts of exhibitors, the exhibition had achieved a complete success. The success of the exhibition also testified the strengthen of our team, demonstrating the Hicorp spirits of hardworking, ambition, and competition, and accumulated experience for participating in more international exhibitions in the future and taking an important step towards the international markets.

We will take this as a new opportunity to focus on the future, innovation and strengthen, keeping on trying and reserving new momentum for development. Under the complex international situation, we will enhance the sense of risks, improve constantly, make up for shortcomings, and continuously enhance core competitiveness. At the same time, we will seize opportunities to expand the international market share, win honors for China's manufacturing, and promote China's intelligence manufacturing to a higher level.
As an internationalized company, the overseas market is an important part of the company's market. In view of the differences in the language, culture, management customs compared to domestic market, Hicorp Group will always adhere to the core values of “Focusing on Customers, Lead the Industry by Innovation”,, introduce personalized customization and provide services for global customers.

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