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Hicorp Held the  Conference for 98th Anniversary of Communist Party & 2019 Excellent  Members Award

Qingdao Hicorp held the 98th anniversary of Communist Party and Conference of Excellent Party Members in 2019 at No.500 conference room in the morning on 1st July. There were a total of 65 members from party branches attended the meeting, and our Vice-general Manager Yin Yuwu, members of the Party Committee , and Liu Zhijun ,served temporary position in Hicorp attended the meeting together.
The conference opened with the solemn national anthem, under the leadership of Comrade Yin Yuwu, member of the Party Committee and Vice-general Manager of Hicorp, all members recited the pledge of joining the Party.
Comrade Yin Yuwu read the “Decisions on Awarding the Excellent Party Members in 2019”, there were a total of 15 members , Duan Jin, Zhao Tianjie, Xu Xianliang Chen Yan, Xu Feng, Yin Huaixiu, Zhang Jinjuan, Dong Runbo, Song Jinshan, Li Pengfei, Xue Guangming, Wang Zhen, He Kai, Chen Shaomei, Zhang Tao were awarded as“Excellent Members”, and later the Management issued certificates to them.
At the meeting, Liu Zhijun , the Party Committee and served temporary position in Hicorp held a lively lesson of Party theme, guided all members to remember our original mission and dare to take responsibilities , play our positive roles, love the motherland, the people, the Communist Party, our enterprise and families, and make contributions to building a strong socialist power and centennial Hicorp.
As required , all members watched the online lessons issued by Lighthouse , learned the knowledge and celebrated the anniversary.
At the end of meeting, the Party Committee and Vice-general Manger Yin Yuwu made a speech, to stress our self-examination culture, to carry out in our work and life, to insist on “criticism and self-criticism ”, to keep self-examination and improve sustainably . He also requested that all excellent members should play the role of model, keep our original mission, take responsibilities , create new achievements.
Finally, the Vice-general Manager Yin called on all members to learn from the excellent members, keep self-examination and learning , improve constantly, strive to be a pioneer in work , construct “Three Qualities”, make contributions to being respected by others, manufacturing trustworthy products, and building an international first-class enterprise.

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