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                  Hicorp Training Center Organized Open Course of “Business & Accounting”

In order to promote accounting management, improve the management sense of accountings, Hicorp Training Center held training activities on every Saturday, and organized the open course of “Business and Accounting” at No.500 training room in the morning on 15th June, there were a total of 65 participants.
The open course was hosted by the Accounting Director Xu Xianliang, he mainly explained the seven principles and three accounting statements of “Business & Accounting”.

Combing with vivid PPT, Director Xu explained the seven principles of “Business & Accounting” and requested to learn in order to use, and applied the seven principles such as cash flow management, consistence rules, operation rules, perfectionism, double recognition, accounting efficiency improvement as well as transparent operation rules to work, and improved and standardized financial management, provided service for business operation .

Through Training, all participants had a holistic understanding to “Business & Accounting”, and the training had reached a good effect.

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