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                                                        Masters and Apprentices Work Hand in Hand to Forge Ahead

In order to promote the new apprentices to obtain working skills and well worked, inherit and advocate the company’s culture, Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company held the ceremony for apprentices formally acknowledged masters at mould workshop at 7:40 am on 13, June. The ceremony was held by the Vice-general Manager Pang Zhaohua, and attended by all workshop employees.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the Vice-general Manager Pang warmly welcomed the 15 apprentices to Hicorp, he hoped that all apprentices learned carefully and abided by rules and regulations , and mastered the skills. Afterwards, the Vice-general Manager Pang read out the Lists of apprentices and masters, they were issued certificates by workshop director, and the apprentices bowed to their masters.
The General Manager warmly welcomed the apprentices to our company, and explained the meanings of “Teacher is the person to solve doubts “ and “Once a teacher, always a teacher”. The masters should take the responsibilities to teach the apprentices carefully and strictly, and the apprentices should work hard and learn more, and strive for being a master earlier.
The General Manager Liu stressed the purpose of the ceremony, he hoped to cultivate new apprentices through this methods, enable all the apprentices to learn quickly. All workshops should pay more attention to the safety of all apprentices during their internship, take care their work and life , communicate with them frequently. He also hoped that all apprentices inherited the Hicorp spirits, worked hard , and created a prosperous future!
After the ceremony, all the 15 apprentices signed “Apprentices’ and Masters’ Responsibilities ” with their masters, clarified their duties. It was played an important role to cultivate professional talents and supported the sustainable development of our company.


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