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 Two Products of Hicorp Textile Machinery Made World Debut Stunningly &Powerfully at ITMA in 2016

During the exhibition of textile machinery of ITMA 2016 on 21st Oct, CMT-Hicorp Textile Machinery held the press conference for new products at the exhibition boot H1D11. The two new products HCP 910 High Speed Intelligent Air-Jet Loom and HR-01 Textile Factory Smart robot made their debut stunningly.

Chinese Textile Industry Association President Gao Yong, President Li Linshen, President Duan Xiaoping, President Xu Wenyong, Chinese Textile Machinery Association President Wang Shutian, Qingdao Hicorp Group Vice-general Manager & CMT-Hicorp Textile Machinery Company General Manager Zhao Chuanfu attended the press conference, and opened the mysterious veils for HCP 910 High Speed Intelligent Air-Jet Loom and HR-01 Textile Factory Smart robot。
HCP 910 High Speed Intelligent Air-Jet Loom was researched and developed by Hicorp both Chinese and foreign experts for six years, them were represented the world’s most advanced level with full independent intellectual property rights. Its opening performance beyond the active cam and electronic dobby device, each lifting heald was driven by servo motor directly, opening feature and fabric color was set free on the computer. It is mostly to meet customers’ requirements for simple operation and various fabric weaving, as for the current fast changing market , this machine is undoubtedly the best choice. The advantages of more intelligent, more energy-saving, more stable, more efficient, more high speed and more competitive price will enhance the core competitiveness of customers.

Hicorp HR-01 Textile Factory Smart robot is the first textile factory robot developed and researched by Hicorp Group, its researching direction is how to mostly realize the robots instead of people at textile factories, and truly realize the intelligent and unmanned textile factory..

HR-01 Textile Factory Smart robot was named from the English hero (Hero), the current sample of HR-01Textile Factory Smart Robot was ordered by Wei Qiao Group。 In the near future, HR-01 Textile Factory Smart Robot and CMT 1800 Roving-ring link intelligent roving system and Cone Yarn Intelligent Package Logistics System will contributed to the intelligent transformation of the textile factory。



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